Mobile phone stents

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Hands-Free Phone Holder is perfect for those who are tired of holding their phone, surfing the Internet, watching Netflix or any other task that requires holding the phone for a long time.


The feeling of fatigue in your arms after a while is simply not comfortable for long periods of time. The  holder attaches to your phone and is worn around your neck to allow you to see better with your hands free. You can also use it when you're outside and about, on your bike, in your car and even on foot.


☑️ Hands free, so your arms never get tired again
☑️ Suitable for all phones, tablets and reading lights. (iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, HTC, Huawei, Wiko, iPad, Galaxy Tab, Kindle ...)
☑️ Adjustable mount
☑️ Foldable and adjustable holder for best position



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